Hertz Contact Stress Calculations

HertzWin is a free Hertzian contact stress calculator. It can be used to calculate mechanical point and line contact dimensions and material stresses. The application performs all calculations automatically. A clearly laid-out window allows you to enter material properties, dimensions and loads. The same window then immediately displays the results. Download HertzWin freeware here (after registration). Further down on this page you will see a short instructional video showing how to use it.

An important feature of HertzWin is that it calculates the exact results by numerically solving the elliptic integrals.

Main window of HertzWin, the free software tool to calculate Hertzian contacts


Features of the Hertzian Stress Calculator HertzWin

  • point and line contact stress calculations;
  • calculation of:
    • contact width;
    • Hertz contact stress;
    • shear stress;
    • von Mises;
    • deformation;
    • contact stiffness;
    • required material strength;
  • Imperial + SI units;
  • the influence of the surface roughness;
  • lifetime calculations;
  • exact elliptical integral calculations using numerical integration;
  • comprehensive list of material properties;
  • extensive help files;
  • Windows Clipboard copy function;
  • Also runs on Linux using Wine.
  • Graphs of stresses and displacements;
  • Contour plots of sub-surface stresses;
  • Maximum shear stress and Von Mises stress per contacting body;
  • Influence of a tangential load;
  • Orthogonal shear stress calculation for rolling contact fatigue (RCF);
  • Elastic energy calculation;
  • Overview of the used equations in HertzWin (traceability) in the help function.

Further information on the new functionality can be found in the program’s corresponding help function. And the extensive article with background information and theory used in HertzWin.

HertzWin most recent release is version 3.5.0 (April 2023). See the release notes. Download HertzWin here.
Please also read the system requirements here.

Screenshot of Graph and Contour Plot of Subsurface Stresses

Screenshot of the window with graphs of stresses and deformations and a contour plot of subsurface stresses can be seen below.

Graph Window of Contact Stress Calculator

Contour plot of a line contact with tangential force

Exact Results due to Numerical Integration of Elliptic Integrals

By numerically solving the elliptic integrals of Hertz formulas, HertzWin is very accurate. Various users have tested HertzWin and compared it to their own calculations. All checks to date have not revealed any errors in the results. Read more about the accuracy of HertzWin in frequently asked questions about HertzWin.

Introduction video in the use of HertzWin

In the video below you can quickly see the easy use of HertzWin.


Many Users and used in Scientific Publications

The HertzWin software has many users form all kinds of industries. From offshore to mechanical watch industry, and from aerospace tot door locks. HertzWin is appearing in several scientific publications. Here are a few:

Download and use the Hertzian Stress Calculator for Free

You can download and use HertzWin for free after registration. Via the registration, you will receive an e-mail with the download links. If you stay registered, then you will be notified when an update or new software is available. Expect 2 or 3 mails per year. Of course you can unsubscribe as well. Your email (data) will not be used for anything else. There are already more than 3100 users of HertzWin (March 2022). See the system requirements here.

Please check the software programs about which you want to receive news. You will receive an email with a download link to the software.

Important: sometimes the email with the download link is rejected by the (your) mail server. To make sure that the email arrives in your inbox, add info(at)vinksda.nl to your mail address book. Companies in particular sometimes filter mails out as spam.

You can always edit preferences and personal data or remove all personal data via the link in the mail. See the privacy policy. As a token of appreciation, there is the opportunity to make a donation (credit card or PayPal).


What users say about HertzWin

  • “I just discovered your program a few days ago and absolutely love it!”. Damjan, Croatia
  • “I would like to thank you for your program. It is really easy to use it and it has really nice visualization”. Frantisek, Czech Republic
  • “This software package provides a great service to mechanical engineers and other design professionals around the world. Thank you. I have checked my own calculations against HertzWin, and found them to be in very close agreement. The refinements added to release 2.4 will make it even more useful”. Gordon, Canada
  • “Thanks for this useful software”. Jérôme, France
  • “I use HertzWin to calculate contact stiffness. My compliments for the user-friendliness and the visual feedback”. Peter, The Netherlands
  • “I have downloaded your HertzWin program and have confirmed that your Hertz Contact Stress calculation matches what I have been using. I believe that your program will be helpful in quickly checking my hand calculations”. Michael, USA (Pennsylvania)
  • “Thanks for the wonderful HertzWin software”. Anh, USA (California)
  • “Useful program, thank you very much. I will forward it to my colleagues”. Rene, The Netherlands
  • “Congratulations for the software. It is very Useful!!” José, Brasil
  • “I use HertzWin often to make a quick estimation of the Hertzian stresses and contact stiffness”. Martijn, The Netherlands
  • “Thanks for the update release information and beautiful & informative product”. Sriramachandra, India
  • “I am a current user of your HertzWin software and appreciate it a lot”. Philippe, Canada
  • “HertzWin does exactly what it should do. I gathered a lot of literature and I come to the conclusion that the results of the program matches exactly with the literature”. Jan, The Netherlands
  • “Thank you Jaap, the calculator is very useful!”. George, USA
  • “First of all thank you for putting HertzWin and FlexHinge on-line, very useful!!”. Lennino, Nederland
  • “I am very satisfied with your program, I appreciate it a lot”. Mile, Nederland

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