Occasionally, I get the question why the content of the help function of one of the software applications from the toolkit isn’t visible. It only shows “Navigation to the webpage was canceled“. An other issue is that with high resolution (High DPI) displays under Windows 10 the fonts look blurry. Everything works fine but it isn’t very sharp. Fortunately, the solution is easy.

Making the Help Function Contents Visible

The reason that the contents of the help function are not visible is a security measure by Windows. The help file is than marked as not-safe and the contents are blocked. In normal installations this issue is not present. But it can be if for instance the complete installation folder has been moved to an other (network) drive.

The solution is simple:

  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the installation folder of the program (FlexBeam, HertzWIn or FlexHinge) and open the ‘Help’ folder;
  • In this folder you’ll find the help files. Right-click a help file and select ‘Properties‘ in the pop-up menu;
  • In the windows that opens, you will see a button with ‘Unblock‘. Click on this button and click OK;
  • Repeat this for all help files and the problem is solved.

Unblock the help function in Windows.


Fix blurry Fonts in Windows 10

The development of the programs in the toolkit started many years ago. Although they run perfectly under the latest Windows versions, in Windows 10 there is a small compatibility issue with high resolution (high DPI) displays. The fonts can be blurry. This is caused by new functionality in Windows 10, called DPI awareness.

The fix is easy:

  • Close the program in case it is active;
  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the installation folder of the program (FlexBeam, HertzWIn or FlexHinge);
  • Right-click on the program file and select ‘Properties‘ in the pop-up menu;
  • Go to the ‘Compatibility‘ tab in the windows that opens;
  • Check the box for ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’ and click OK. Problem fixed.

In case you find other compatibility issues, you can also try one of the other possibilities.

Properties of the .exe file in Windows, tab Compatibility.