Vink System Design & Analysis

Vink System Design & Analysis provides companies with engineering services in the field of precision engineering. The company is a reliable and result-oriented partner for the development of complex opto-mechanical and mechatronic systems requiring a high degree of accuracy.

Vink System Design & Analysis was founded in 2007 by Jaap Vink. He has more than twenty years of experience in high-level multidisciplinary development teams at MAPPER Lithography, ASML and Océ. His experience guarantees fast, thorough and effective results throughout all phases of the development process, thus enabling companies to achieve their objectives.

Expertise & projects

Precision Mechanics

Is the required stiffness met? Are the material stresses within limits? Is there no hidden stick-slip? Does the assembly meet its accuracy when all production tolerances are accounted for?

Drafting Specifications

A good design must fulfill many specifications, for example specifications concerning mass, stiffness, reproducibility, cost of goods, environmental conditions or heat dissipation. By drawing…

Concept Design

A good concept study gives you insight in the feasibility, cost of goods, design alternatives and the required development time. With the chosen concept you can timely adapt…


Of course first time right is the goal of a new development. The preliminary phase of concept design, drafting specifications and conducting the required analysis will bring you close…

Recent Posts

The Distribution of Tolerances

In a previous article the statistical tolerance stack-up analysis is discussed. It is usually profitable to do a statistical tolerance stack-up analysis instead of a worst-case analysis. A worst-case analysis often leads to low tolerance specifications and therefore...

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Statistical Tolerance Stack-up Analysis

In the article Worst-case Tolerance Stack-up Analysis you read about the worst-case or linear stack-up analysis. In such an analysis it is assumed that all dimensions in the tolerance chain have worst-case deviations form their nominal value. In a statistical analysis...

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Worst-case Tolerance Stack-up Analysis

Suppose that you went through your tolerance analysis step plan and made a tolerance chain. The only thing to do now is to add up all tolerances. This seems easy enough but there are a few questions to consider: What to do with asymmetrical tolerances? Do you perform...

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Tolerance Stack-up Analysis

Tolerances become important as soon as you design an assembly of parts. Of course each dimension must be provided with a tolerance. But in an assembly the tolerances become important because all parts must fit. In this article I tacitly will assume that we are dealing...

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